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Django Unchained - Quentin Tarantino This is what I call "clever writing". This spaghetti western story is not just about slavery. This is about greed, wrath, indifference, intolerance, and misery. But it's also about love and revenge.Some people say that it is full of unnecessary violence but with this story Tarantino pictured history perfectly. It is uncomfortable, but it's the truth: black people were treated worst that animals and to treat them like humans was meant to be a priviledge for only a few. This story does not leave a very good image of northamericans. They are not the heroes like they are in Argo or Zero Dark Thirty usually pictured in all Hollywood movies. I'm tired of that fake heroism, of that distortion of the truth. And that's why Django Unchained should win the Original Screenplay award.Now, leaving the upcoming Oscars behind, I want to talk about Dr. King Schultz. He's my favourite character created by Quentin. He was a bounty hunter and always told Django not to break character. But he's human. He couldn't stand people treating other people like dog food or enjoying making them fight till death. You really get to love him and I almost cried when he died.This script has a few differences with the movie adaptation, but I really like both of them: original story and movie. I think that the script is a bit more "terrible" than the film: Candie won Broomhilda playing cards, betting his female slaves. Finally, I don't get why people get mad at Tarantino for using the word "nigger". Someone who says that this film discriminates against black-skinned people is missing QT's message, and having seen his whole filmography, I can assure you he's one of the most respectful directors towards black people and women.