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I love books. I'll read whatever thing I found close. So books, you have just been warned.
Goblin Fruit - Erin Burr First of all, thanks to Erin Burr, the autor, for making this book available to read on goodreads for a limited time. This book was a really great surprise. If I had to describe it, I would say that it's a modern and original reinterpretation of Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti. But it's more than that. It's a dystopian novel and I love dystopia! I love exploring 'alternate' realities.Goblin Fruit show us a world were a new drug has appeared:"With goblin fruit, addiction is contagious. If you touch a user, you'll crave the drug. If you crave it, you might take it. If you take it, you might not stop. If you don't stop, you'll become a zombie, slang for a catatonic, someone who can eat, and move, and breathe, but nothing more. If you become a zombie, people might touch you, and if they touch you, they'll crave the drug..."Everything happens in a world were hand-holding is forbidden, were everyone wears gloves, were everyone panics. Clarity and Audrey are teenagers with catatonic relatives: Clara's mother and Audrey's brother; and they will do anything to have them back with them, alive. With the help of a copy of Goblin Market, the two girls think up a way to save the people affected by catatonia.As Clarity realize in the book, it's all about sacrifice, love, and leaving aside all the fearsThis book is a great allegory of drug abuse and shows, in a reliable way, how difficult is to live with an addict and to handle the situation on your own.