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I love books. I'll read whatever thing I found close. So books, you have just been warned.
Ripple, a Tale of Hope and Redemption - E. L. Farris,  Christina M. Frey (Editor) I won this book here, in the Goodreads' Giveaway program last summer. E.L. Farris sent me the book and it finally arrived, after 5 months. I was very excited when I went to the post office to receive it and I'd even taken some photographs.How can I describe this book? It's dark and tangled but the writting makes it way with such lightness and simplicity. It takes us through the nightmares of Phoebe Thompson, a fifteen-year old girl that has been raped by his father, desperate to wake up and free herself. But it also show us how her mother, a high-powered attorney, deals with feelings of guilt, as she blames herself of what happened to her daughter. Lovely characters appear through the pages and not-so-lovely do too. Polyphony is what makes this book so rich. We, as readers, get to see life through the eyes of all of the characters, even the psychopath that lurks, waiting to strike.In a few words, this tale is dark and raw but it lets light show through its pages, pretty much like life itself.