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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins Ok, so now I can say that I've finished my second saga!First, I must say that I liked that this book was different from the other two. No more Hunger Games! That thing was getting old. It was a new take on Katniss' life and I enjoyed that.I loved the unnecessary violence trapped in its pages. It made the whole thing feel real. But all the deaths of important characters were described in such a quick, silly way that it bothered me. That issue didn't let me enjoyed the book completely. For example, Collins wrote Finnick's death in one sentence! Finnick deserved a lot more. Prim was blown to bits in the last words of a chapter! Another thing that bothered me was Cinna. MY DEAR CINNA was presumed dead on Catching Fire, so I was looking for him on Mockingjay I look at every corner, every Capitol's cell... And I didn't find him. How dissapointing. But I kind of forgave Collins because she introduced Effie Trinket's character back in the story.But the most irritating thing was the end of the war. Katniss is taken to the hospital after the explotion and when she cleans the morphling out of her body a little bit, she realizes that the war is over, that Coin is the new president, that Snow has been captured... She was the leader of the revolution and it ended up without her?This book has his dissapointing acts, but I agree that it's the best of the trilogy.Goodnight, and may the odds be ever in your favor!