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The Transfer: A Divergent Story

Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth Well, what can I say? I was missing this saga and its simulations. Veronica Roth did it again. Incredible. Four's is an amazing point of view to write on. I like him better than Tris as narrator (was that really neccesary to tell?)In this little story, we get to know more about Tobias and his transference from Abnegation to Dauntless. The majority of the information we already knew, but not from Four's mouth, so it's great to dive into his thoughts and figure him out a little bit more.Another nice thing was the return of the Dauntless headquarters as the main settling of the story. In my opinion, that is what makes the first book, Divergent so distinctive. The Dauntless quads are unique, with its dim rooms and corridors.What caught my attention the most was Eric. Yeah, the tough guy that led the initiates in Divergent. We get to know him right before entering Dauntless and he's shown like a vulnerable and almost fragile being. Yeah, before he had the chance to enter to his fear landscape! What a brave guy!Now, all I have to do is wait till October 22nd to find out if that creepysculpture has something to do with the third book cover.